home wherever is our finnish-brazilian duo based nowhere, working from wherever. The name comes from what we have lived; the last 7 years have lead to 10 home addresses across 3 continents.

Avona Avenue, Jekermolenweg, Monck Place...

The ongoing change of cultures and routines has helped us to stay out of many thought patterns and boxes - at least that’s what we tend to think inside our box of two.
photography, visual landscapes, contentscapes

for businesses that want to show who they really are. why do you exist?

custom-made, in pixels, wherever

if you wanna work with us, contact us anyhow you can find but here’s one way: us@home-wherever.com
that's simply it.
if you prefer this way not,
here's the same deal in longer terms:
visual landscapes & contentscapes

creative production allyship sculpts the online presence
how do you portray your business via the pixels shared?
// custom-made visual landscape on social media, website and beyond

strategic social media allyship brings the essence of your business visible & heard
how to strengthen your position on social media?
// contentscape; turning data into action; practical solutions to strengthen your position

* strategy needs execution in order to work, we'll see this through together so no one starts hallucinating

connect with us & ask for our current strategic allies to see our work in action

sometime somewhere
sometime somewhere