Face to face encounters & real human connection are crucial in life. For a business, on the other hand, digital transformation is a major enabler allowing ever-expanding resources.
We elevate causes & guide our allies in the online world.
Co-operating beyond borders
Releasing co-operation from restrictions. The aim is smooth & seamless co-operation through digital - welcome to 2020.
Connecting meaningfully
Sustainable allyships. Shared enthusiasm. We express ourselves honestly.
Conveying practical solutions
Turning data into action. Practical solutions to strengthen your position. Strategy infused with creativity. How is your business portrayed via the pixels shared?
Our way
Born in the 90’s we’ve lived our lives under change. Besides the inevitable, we’ve gravitated towards change by adapting to a new environment every year or so, resulting in 10 addresses in 3 continents in 6 years.
For us home is a who, a little bit of where, along great deal of when.
Over the years we've tightly held on to our first born value - co-operating beyond borders. We craved for the possibility to connect with other humans long-term without compromising the unbounded life we naturally seemed to gravitate towards. 
Currently HWP might or might not be based in the Netherlands.

Where it all started - and where the way has lead us to return:  a tiny tropical island.

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