connecting beyond borders
Face to face encounters & real human connection are crucial in life. For a business, on the other hand, digital transformation is a major enabler allowing ever-expanding resources.
What is HomeWherever Productions - and Why?
Born in the 90’s we’ve lived our lives under rapid, constant change. Besides the inevitable, we’ve gravitated towards change by adapting to a new environment every year or so, resulting in several addresses located in 6 countries across 3 continents.
For us home is a who, a little bit of where, along great deal of when.
Over the years we've tightly held on to our first born value - Co-operating beyond Borders. We wanted to connect and work together with other humans without compromising the unbounded life we naturally seemed to gravitate towards.
When we digi-meet you might find us working on an island in Thailand, cafés of Sydney, fisherman village in Brazil - or anywhere else currently limited to Earth. This was the one thing we refused to adapt to, and instead shaped it to adapt ourselves. We learned how important it is to hold on to your values, which is exactly why your values matter to us, and why our service simplified is to bring your values alive.

HomeWherever Productions might or might not be based in the Netherlands.
Our way of doing things
Co-operating beyond borders
Releasing co-operation from restrictions. We adapt, remove obstacles and create solutions in order to co-operate beyond borders. The aim is smooth & seamless co-operation through digital - welcome to 2020.

Conveying Practical Solutions
Turning data into action. Practical solutions to strengthen your position. Strategy infused with creativity. Our professional focus lies on Presence Sculpting & Content Strategy; what you or your company transmit forward via pixels. Over the years we've learned that the limits of our work are not strictly defined. If you got something in mind, let's connect here.
Read more about our already defined services here.

Connecting meaningfully
Sustainable allyships. We invest in relationships and express ourselves honestly.
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